Scam of the Pharmaceutical Companies (It’s time for a real change)

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Kapiel Raaj on Ron Paul

Pharmaceutical scam has been happening for decades, where they not only give drugs that harm the body, but they have now infested the Medical School system, where a newbie doctor learns how to treat a patient under the guidance of a Pharmaceutical company. This is why I will never have respect of an American Doctor again, because the things that I have cured for myself in days by Ayurveda, American drugs would have made my condition worst. Not only the Pharmaceutical companies, but food companies all across United States are now Patenting the seeds, meaning you can’t grow you own vegetable without their permission, so in case you want to grow organic fruits and vegetables you can’t do that unless you get a licenses from these food and drug companies. The only man who can stop this corporate scam and Washington Congress scam is RON PAUL. Ron Paul is not just a libertarian, but he is the one and only man in Washington D.C. who feels is made ‘for the people, and by the people’. Do not judge him because he’s a Republican, but judge him on his polices, ideas and actions.

Kapiel Raaj, Ron Paul, Kyirux

Kapiel Raaj on Ron Paul

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