Kapiel Raaj “Vedic Astrologer”?


Kapiel Raaj of KRSchannel

It’s so hard to define myself as a Vedic astrologer as many think I am. I have never fitted into the traditional scene of anything whether it was school, work, job or the world of traditional Vedic Astrology. I am kind of like James Dean: A Lost rebel without any direction and I like it. A scotch drinking, cigar smoking, basketball playing Jyotish with no mission or destiny. I simply wanted to learn astrology the way I now teach it to the world. I wanted to make things easier of the stupid by a stupid. Yes, I couldn’t understand the higher educational way of learning anything. It was too dry for me to comprehend. I was a stupid who wanted to learn through colors, images and fun. But how could Vedic Astrology be fun, how can someone present it in a way where it’s not dry and bleak like every other website, book and articles? this is where I just said to myself I will be myself and that’s it. The way I react to the world and preserve the world that’s the way I will learn and teach this subject.

For me it has never been about making videos on weekly and monthly horoscopes. That to me is junk astrology which I myself do it without any passion, only on the request of the public. What I an really passionate about is something I wanted for myself; which is to know all the details of our set karmas, our set birth chart. What are my planets doing the moment I was born not what the planets are doing currently. It was more about the past, more about looking into why and how things happened and where am I coming from. You can’t learn this without first understanding your chart fully. This is why I opened KRSchannel on youtube and bought forth my website astrologykrs.┬áMy whole passion in the world of occult is to go deep into the birth chart and divisional charts of astrology, especially Navamsa D9 chart. It has been my obsession since 2003. In 2018 I am finally embarking on the journey of having others enjoy my passion for Navamsa chart by bringing the series of planets through houses and signs in D9 on youtube.

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